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Full Pushchair Valet

Our goal is to provide a service that will exceed your expectations – In our opinion you can’t deliver the results we do in 2 or even 24 hours!

Not only do we clean, we also give your pushchair a service, thus ensuring everything is working as it should be, and if any faults are found we are able to fix them!

Why Choose Us?

Steam & Extraction Cleaning

Tried and Tested Products

Chassis Cleaned and Polished

Bearings Cleaned and Lubricated

No Harmful Chemicals

Collection and Delivery service

Repairs carried out

Loan Buggy Available

How We Do It

Initial Inspection

1. Pushchair condition evaluation

Hygiene Service

2. Fabrics removed

3. Fabrics laundered

4. Spot stain removal

5. Steam cleaned to 140°C

6. Minor sewing repairs if needed

7. Fabrics refitted to pushchair

8. Fabrics replaced if needed

9. Odour neutralised.

Safety Service

10. Jet wash and drying

11. Wheel servicing

12. Tyre check

13. Brakes and axel serviced

14. Full lubrication of moving parts

15. Chassis and wheels polished

16. Damaged items replaced

17. Buckle and harness check

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